New Line 6 POD HD500 with an X

We had a good few years already with the Pod HD500, now in the new version there is an ‘X’ added to the name. So what is there to be eXpected?

DSP Limit reached
DSP Limit reached

Line 6 tells us that we get more power to create. Do we want more power?


Having that sorted, what else is new on the board?

Foot switches are now surrounded by a ring of light. Looks pretty cool, I must admit. But more important – there is a bit more of a tighter feel when pressing them now. I’ve never really had a problem with them, but some reported badly and inaccurate  working switches. So far, all my foot switches are still working alright. Once they brake I will have something new to post in my modding section.

Display is a bit brighter now, that’s okay for an update but not cool enough. Sorry Line 6. Give us something that we would call a display in the year 2013 with Retina stuff all around us.

Looping allows for longer loops. Well, it’s not a serious looper we have in the HD500 anyway, but when using it it, yes, it was a bit short… Actually my main use for the looper is to record some guitar  and then I use the loop to fiddle around with the controls to dial in my tone. This way it keeps your hands free from playing and it is so much easier to find your sound settings.

Anything else?


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