the ODDIST – one I have built earlier

A good few years ago or shall we say ‘many years ago’ I built a very special guitar amplifier:

LeBirné – the ODDIST

the ODDIST small

You think it’s small? It is small. You think it’s quiet? It screams! This amp has the power of a much bigger amplifier. There is no comparison to any of the small amplifiers you get in the shops.

This thing is handmade with love to the detail. Powered with a 10 watts power amp with overdrive circuit. Preamp section with distortion. Active bass and treble control. Build for electric guitar. Also suitable for acoustic guitar (extended frequency range when treble is past 12 o’clock) or blues harp.

I cannot really recall how many I actually built. And I don’t know if I should build them again. Would you want one? Price would be something around 350 in Swiss Francs. Should I get enough offers I could set up another batch. I won’t promise though. Let’s see.

Here some pictures that show a bit more in detail.

the ODDIST - front panel
handmade wooden knob controls, LED in colour of amp (when on)
the ODDIST - feet
feet inserted into body
the ODDIST - front corner
Bottom corner with logo
the ODDIST - back top
Headphones out, power connector and power switch
the ODDIST - back
Heat sink and very powerful loud speaker
the ODDIST - bottom corner
wood connections for high stability

Here’s a picture of my prototypes. The one in front is version 2 of the very first one ever built.

the ODDIST - Prototypes
the ODDIST – Prototypes

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